1. To qualify for the Sen. Renato "Compañero" Memorial Science & Technology High School (SRCCMSTHS) admission test, the students must meet the following qualification:

1.1 He/She must be a sixth (6th) grader who is a candidate for graduation from  either public or private school in the Division of Taguig City and Pateros.

1.2 He/She must not have a grade below 85% in all subjects in the first and second grading.

1.3 He/She must not have been subjected to any disciplinary actions certified by the Principal.

2.      Applicants shall be required to submit a Certified True Copy of their Form 138 (Report Card) with grades for the first and second grading periods duly signed by the Principal upon filing of the application form for admission.

3.      Students who passed the admission test shall pass the interview. Qualified applicants for enrolment shall be announced only after the scheduled interview to be conducted by a panel composed of Division Supervisors and Faculty members of the school.

4.      A students who belong to the upper ten percent of the class (Top Ten) certified by the Principal shall be exempted from the preliminary screening but must pass an oral.

5.      Application forms are available at Registrar’s Office of the school for free. No examination fee and interview fee required.

6.      Admission schedule will be administered on the following dates:

-Posting of Announcement

-Issuance of Application Forms and Registration

-Examination at SRCCMTHS

-Release of Test Results and List of Qualifiers for Interview


-Release of Results and List of Qualified for Admission


7.      The examination shall consist of proficiency in English, Mathematics, Science & Filipino. The final stage of the selection process will be an oral interview.

8.      Duly accomplished applications form shall be submitted before the scheduled examination together with the Certification from the School Principal.



-          Certified true copy of Form 138 (Report Card) for First and Second grading period duly signed by the School Principal.

-          Certification of Good Moral Character from the School Principal

-          Proof of Billing or Barangay Certificate

-          2 copies of two by two (2" x 2") ID pictures 

-         Photocopy of Registered Birth Certificate (NSO)

Please inquire to: MR. ARVIN CABALO

Telephone Number: 828-0140


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